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The office staff is SO nice, property is always clean!


Quiet and Comfortable place to call home. Manager pays attention to the cleanliness of the property and the needs of the residents. She is always quick to respond when needed which has been helpful. Yes, of course no place is perfect and always has room for improvement but having people that listen and show care, creates a place with comfort.


I've been living here for couple of years now. Quite, clean and chill environment.


We called this place home for nearly 3 years. Everything about this place was home to us. We rarely had issues and when we did they were minor and taken care of almost immediately. Management was always great to us, in fact Duy and Ellie are one of the biggest reasons we loved it here. They welcomed us with warm and open arms. Always listened when we had issues and did they best they could to resolve the problems we experienced. The only reason we have moved out is because life has other plans for us to grow our future bigger and brighter and we just could no longer afford the rent. If i could choose this complex over and over i would. There always room for improvement for sure, anywhere you go or live will always have room to grow and improve, but everything we personally experienced here was nothing shy of amazing. We will miss it here. Thank you for almost 3 great years City Center!


Beautiful place. Moved into a 1 bed and wanted something bigger - they made it so easy to transfer over and have me a few days to move


I am moving into an apartment and Ellie in the office has been so helpful and has made the process go so smoothly! She is amazing and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the help from her!


Enjoy living here. Ya


Hi, my name is WalterNelson and I live in the city centric Sutter apartments and I love living here because everything is access to my ability and management is great so hopefully I’ll win this contest, but if I don’t, I still got good things to say about the place thank you very much


I’ve lived here for about 6 months and everything has been great! Staff is quick to respond and help. They were super helpful when I was first applying for the apartment. They made everything go so smoothly! I have absolutely loved the gym and the mailroom is very convenient, especially with packages. It’s great to know that my packages are in a safe room, and not just in front my door. It’s been a joy living here! I’ve loved my time here!


Have been here for 4 years, pre and post pandemic. The maintenance and staff worked hard and did their best when times were tough. Have looked around our area at the competition and this place has maintained it better than the others.