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Beautiful place. Moved into a 1 bed and wanted something bigger - they made it so easy to transfer over and have me a few days to move


I am moving into an apartment and Ellie in the office has been so helpful and has made the process go so smoothly! She is amazing and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the help from her!


Enjoy living here. Ya


Hi, my name is WalterNelson and I live in the city centric Sutter apartments and I love living here because everything is access to my ability and management is great so hopefully I’ll win this contest, but if I don’t, I still got good things to say about the place thank you very much


I’ve lived here for about 6 months and everything has been great! Staff is quick to respond and help. They were super helpful when I was first applying for the apartment. They made everything go so smoothly! I have absolutely loved the gym and the mailroom is very convenient, especially with packages. It’s great to know that my packages are in a safe room, and not just in front my door. It’s been a joy living here! I’ve loved my time here!


Have been here for 4 years, pre and post pandemic. The maintenance and staff worked hard and did their best when times were tough. Have looked around our area at the competition and this place has maintained it better than the others.


It’s nice. Lived here for 4 years.


I’ve lived here for almost 2 years and it the best place I’ve been in. I’ve only been in apartments the last 10 years of my life. Of course no apartments is absolutely perfect but the pros outweigh the cons for this place. I personally chose to live here because I love the amenities that they have. Garage, the pool and hot tub is nice, with BBQ. The roof is really cool aspect of the place, I went up there to watch the parades which is really cool. There isn’t any shading unfortunately like it shows on the pictures… and the lights don’t work up there. Other than that the seating is great and you can also have a bbq up there too. The gym is big and it’s nice. The mail room is really nice too having your packages in that room instead at the door. Nobody has stolen anything I’ve ever ordered. My porch faces the west and the sunsets here are absolutely GORGEOUS!! The apartment itself is beautiful I love the granite countertops the washer and dryer coming with the place which is AMAZING. Everyone seems to be left alone for the most part I don’t get bugged by any neighbors... I think this is a great place to live. ☺️


We have loved living here for the past year! In fact we just signed another year! The office staff is fantastic and always so kind to us and helps out where needed and has always been honest with us! The amenities are awesome as well! Fully equipped Gym, beautiful rooftop lounge, and even a pet spa (which we absolutely LOVE)! Very pet friendly, and always very respectful and loving towards our shy dog! This has been a wonderful place to live while our little family is saving for our own house!


The apartments are nice and the amenities are nice. Communication with the management is good, they get back in a timely manor. I think the walls are just super thin and sound travels through them. So, you can hear everything your neighbors are doing. Otherwise can't complain. Nice community nice environment close to everything.